Party Supplies

When you’re planning a party, you’ve got a lot to prepare! You have to get balloons, banners, decorations, candy, snacks, party bags, gift wrap, and so much more. All this adds up and empties your wallet. If you need party supplies at a low price, come to Happy Dollar Plus! We’ve got all the party supplies you need at an affordable price – that way, you don’t have to break the bank just to host a party.

We offer a wide variety of party supplies to make your party fun, colorful, and unique! Pick from our huge selection of balloons, banners, and gift wrap. We also have tons of toys, candy, and goody bags for you to give to your guests. If you need streamers, confetti, or other decorations, we have those, too! Put on the best party ever without paying more than you have to by coming to Happy Dollar Plus!

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